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Responsive Blogger Template With Slider ndigo


Indigo is a Blogger template featuring alternating positions of posts from left to right. The blog area displays the posts in the classic layout with the sidebar on the right side.

Indigo also includes a slideshow in full width and related posts widget on each post.
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Responsive Blogger Template - Marigold


Turn your Blogger blog into a fancy website with a homepage.
Marigold works on Blogger only, it's designed with a homepage displaying different widgets which are included in the documentation/template and you can add your own if you want. The blog area display the posts in the classic layout with the sidebar on the right side.
Marigold also includes a contact page in full width.
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Mina is absolutely a blast to work with. She designed my blog with so much patience and answered my insanely large amount of questions. When she means unlimited revisions, it is truly unlimited! I may have changed my mind about layouts, at least 20 times, but she was willing to listen to my ideas and try them out to see how they would look. Her responses were quick and always followed up with me to see where my ideas were going. Mina is also a whizz at designing on blogger and my goal of trying to make my blog look less blogger and more wordpress was met with flying expectations. I am in love with my blog and how clean and fresh it looks. I would work with Mina again in a heart beat and recommend her to anyone wanting to design or revamp their blog. Thank you so much Mina. I hope to work with you again in the future!
Working with Mina cannot be described as anything less than an absolute pleasure! As a client, she’s easy to get along with, understanding, skilled, fast working and very patience. It’s safe to say she knows what she is doing and will not stop until you are happy. As a person, she is true to her word, honest, incredibly helpful and hardworking. Couldn’t recommend anyone better.
Working with Mina was an absolute dream – she is incredibly friendly, very quick to respond, extremely patient, and makes great templates! She went above and beyond to cater to my every need. I would 100% recommend working with her, and I’m certain that I will return to her for any projects that I may have in the future!
Mina was an absolute gem to work with! Her communication was phenomenal – she always responded to me very quickly, which I found impressive! Additionally, she paid close attention to my questions and detailed requests for my custom design, following through with perfectly helpful and articulate answers or a change to the design that was exactly what I was picturing. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, and I think I am pretty picky, but Mina’s first design of my blog was already almost exactly like I would have wanted it, just based on her reading a few ideas of things I would like. With each change I requested, she did exactly as I asked, resulting in an end product that I am extremely happy with. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to work with, and honestly, her prices are a bargain for all her hard work!
I have to honestly say working with Mina has been the greatest experience. She has been so helpful with the blog designing process. Every single detail I wanted was done for me. I truly can’t express in words how happy I am that I ran across her Etsy shop! Her communication skills are great, she responds to any questions you may have quickly and efficiently. I had bad experience with another blog designer, and I told Mina about the situation and she completely understood and worked with me to make sure my experience was a great one! Mina made this process fun for me, I did a custom blogger design, which we started from scratch. I showed her all the details I have found over the month and she created something I’m so proud of. The prices are amazing and all the work and designing she does, it is the best investment. If you’re still wondering if you should pick her the answer is Yes!!! Mina I hope to work with you sometime in the future with another project! Best of Luck with your designing!!
Mina is truly an amazing designer. She has a great questionnaire that narrows the focus the design vision (which is really helpful since the whole process can feel extremely overwhelming at first) and is constantly willing to explore options and visions you may have. She even created a step by step instruction manual to help me — going above and beyond what I expected, always patiently explaining how things in the html world work (I was really unfamiliar with many technical aspects!) and just overall being very open and willing to what you may have in mind. Highly recommend her, had a very pleasant experience! 🙂
Mina is one of the best blog design specialists I’ve ever worked with and couldn’t be happier to help me at any stage if I need it! My blog is the best its ever been and I couldn’t be more impressed with Underline Designs!
Mina was fantastic to work with at every stage of my redesign. She really captured the feel I wanted from my blog and was so professional throughout, going well above what I’d asked her to do to make the design stand out. She kept me very involved in the process through out and kept a positive and collaborative attitude to designing. A truly fantastic designer to work with.